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Valerie Deniz is a Swiss singer songwriter working mainly for ads and publishing catalogues with the composer Brice Davoli under the name Lost in Paradise.

Her main projects with Brice Davoli include the song “Come Along” for the worldwide re-branding ad of “GDF Suez becomes Engie”, “Renault Koleos”, “Special T”, the soundtrack of the upcoming French movie “l'Araignée rouge”.

Her style is described as very ethereal and soothing inspired by Trip hop artists. With both classical piano and pop singing background, she studied at ATLA music school in Paris, and Tech Music School in London, whilst graduating with a law degree and master's in Business law at the Sorbonne University.

She then started working as a lyricist on publishing projects in 2007 and slowly redirected her career more towards music for media and advertisement working for Prodigious (Publicis group).

In 2010, she joined the Universal Production Music team.