Music by Brice Davoli, Lyrics by Valerie Deniz, Vocals by Jean-Marie Marrier


When you're with me
What do you feel?
Will you tell me even if I won't tell you

When I saw you
For the first time
I can tell that it was love at first sight

If I love you
Would you love me?
There is no way I would say it before you

What I'm dying to say
to you everyday
Is you're my dream come true

Can you hold me?
Can I hold you?
There's no such place in the whole world, then stay with me
Girl, you're the one for me, but I cannot tell you this, I have my pride

If you love me
I will love you
There is no chance I would say it before you do

And I m dying to say
to you everyday
The truth will come to you

But how in the world do we know?
If you feel the same, then you and I are true
Nothing I won't do, so you forever stay
My dream come true